A Critique of a Critical Theory of Leisure

In “Critique and Emancipation: Against a Analytical Approach of Leisure,” John L. Hemingway urges the acceptance of a analytical approach of leisure. He begins by pointing up the weaknesses of the adequate theories and again argues for application the analytical approach of leisure to bigger accept both leisure and association and again to use that compassionate to yield political activity to change society. The base for this political activity is the angle of demography a adorning appearance of animal association rather than an avaricious active perspective, thereby emancipating the alone from what is to what could be.

The three adequate theories of leisure and association which Hemingway describes and critiques for their weaknesses are positivism, post-positivism, and constructivism. First, he describes authoritativeness as the a lot of accustomed archetype acclimated by amusing researchers, which is based ontologically on the angle that one can ascertain an alien absoluteness and call it by authoritative added accustomed statements about causal laws which explain the accord amid empiric phenomena. Under authoritativeness theory, such laws can be fabricated about animal behavior behindhand of the actual or cultural characteristics of the association getting observed, and one can use value-free abstracts to assay hypotheses and assay this abstracts and advance propositions and draw conclusions. Although Hemingway doesn’t acknowledgment this in his discussion, this archetypal is acquired from the concrete sciences and was advised to accomplish the assay of amusing behavior as “objective” as possible, on the acceptance that one can ascertain laws about animal behavior abundant as one can ascertain laws about the concrete world.

However, a above weakness of this approach of authoritativeness is that animal behavior is abundant added circuitous and animal acquaintance of oneself and one’s association affects animal behavior. Moreover, the animal eyewitness aggravating to admeasurement animal behavior affects the article getting studied, and it is not accessible to abstracted animal behavior from its actual ambience or from the cultural practices of the individuals observed.

The additional adequate approach Hemingway describes is postpositivism, which was developed to abode the flaws in positivism. As he describes it, postpositivism continues to affirmation there is a apprehensible alien reality, which can be declared by statements about the laws administering how that alien absoluteness operates. However, those statements can alone be approximations, because “external absoluteness will never be accustomed in its totality.” Yet postpositivism still holds that the knower or getting aggravating to abstraction this abnormality can be abstracted from what he or she is aggravating to study, admitting this break can never be complete. Moreover, back any ability will alone be approximate, postpositivism holds that it is not accessible to use cold measurements, such as by application abstracts to assay hypothesis. Rather, the researcher needs to seek out a association of advisers in one’s acreage of absorption to accretion a “scholarly consensus” about what propositions and abstracts should be accustomed or not.

The weakness actuality is continuing to anticipate that the knower can be abstracted from the article of the study. Moreover, there is a fuzziness in the abstraction of alive something through a alternation of statements that are alone approximations, and it seems ambiguous that one needs to depend on a accord by added advisers to actuate if something is at atomic an authentic approximation of something or not. A catechism anon arises about how is one to actuate who is an adequate academic for authoritative a acumen and what affectionate of accreditation such a academic should accept to be adequate as an ascendancy for casual judgment. Accession weakness is accepting candid judges, back anniversary academic will be afflicted by his or her own actual influences and cultural background, which accord biases to the appraisal process. Then, too, there is a botheration in chargeless how abounding advisers are all-important to anatomy a acceptable bookish consensus, and accession botheration may be that these advisers may not accept the time or absorption in authoritative a judgment. A added affair is chargeless the belief for how this accord is to be accomplished and what is to be advised a consensus. Is this accord to be accomplished through voting, and if so, does there accept to be 100% agreement, or what ability be advised a acceptable majority? Still accession botheration with the abstraction of accord is that a person’s acumen ability be afflicted by his or her accord with the getting getting judged, so that he or she ability accord a favorable acumen to anyone he or she knows alone or who comes from a accurate institution, admitting he or she ability accord an abortive acumen to anyone who is alien or doesn’t arise to accept the accreditation from the adapted institution.

The third adequate approach Hemingway describes is constructivism, which is based on demography into annual humans’ perceptions and behavior about their own amusing world, thereby authoritative them the constructors of their own reality. Accustomed this angle of how bodies assemble reality, the approach proposes that there are assorted realities, rather than a “single alien reality,” and these assorted realities acquire from the adventures of anniversary individual. Thus, any ability is abstract and relative, because it depends on alone adventures of their own reality, and appropriately the knower can’t be abstracted from the ability the knower knows.

A above weakness of this theory, as Hemingway notes, is that this relativism that undermines alive any accustomed attempt about anything. As Hemingway credibility out, “constructivism descends into a anarchy of alone identities, anniversary ashore in its own different estimation of its alone experience.”

Thus, accustomed these weaknesses of the adequate theories, Hemingway argues for accepting the analytical approach archetypal to affected these weaknesses, as able-bodied as positing added arguments for adopting this analytical theory. In particular, Hemingway claims that analytical approach will affected the botheration of aggravating to actualize animal activity by authoritative it a affair or article abstracted from the eyewitness as in authoritativeness or postpositivism or of authoritative aggregate advised about or abstract as in constructivism. In his view, analytical approach will be above to these added theories by bond approach and convenance to the ideal of emancipating animal capacities through the backroom of abolitionist democracy.

His three capital arguments are that 1) analytical approach takes into application the actual and cultural context; 2) it considers assorted choir and themes, because it is plurivocal and polyphonic, and it aswell is self-reflective and not alone seeks to accept accepted amusing roles, practices, and institutions, but seeks to change them; and 3) it seeks to aggrandize the amusing amplitude in which the alone can aggrandize one’s animal capacities through “the alternation of animal abilities and historically anchored amusing contexts.”

Also, Hemingway argues that analytical approach can accommodate a way of affective above the avaricious archetypal that has aggressive animal activity and shaped the Western amount of accepting a chargeless bazaar whereby one is authentic by what one acquires in a aggressive amusing adjustment to creating a association based on developing the animal abeyant and thereby emancipating the animal spirit. As Hemingway puts it: “The assay of animal activity accept to accede these ‘potentialities’ just as much, conceivably more, than it does what is taken to be ‘real.’ Such assay accept to cover not alone what animal beings are, but what they accept it in them to become, accustomed the bounce of the acute avaricious apperception of their activity and, with this, of the amusing roles and practices based on it.”

In turn, this assay leads him to achieve that there is a charge for a abolitionist commercialism to accommodate a counterpoint to the adequate backroom based on an “acquisitive apperception of animal activity, with its axiological instrumentalism and anticipation of an adversarial attitude against others.” (p. 500). In Hemingway’s view, the alone way to advance a adorning apperception of animal activity is through abolitionist democracy, which has “radically broadcast conceptions of animal capacities” and conceives of the political amphitheatre as a abode area “people plan out calm what capacities they ambition to admit and to develop.” While this archetypal ability be activated to all of animal society, he suggests that it is abnormally adapted for leisure, back leisure “connects the clandestine and the accessible spheres” and leisure has a abundant emancipatory abeyant to aid in the development of animal capacities.

I am not at all assertive by the author. While Hemingway does yield into application the actual and cultural ambience in assumption about animal behavior, analytical approach still doesn’t escape the relativism botheration of allegory animal behavior, back one still has to yield into application not alone the actual and cultural ambience of the alone amateur getting empiric but the actual and culturally afflicted angle of the alone researcher accomplishing the observer.

Also, while self-reflexivity may be accessible in bigger compassionate absolute amusing roles, practices, and institutions, it doesn’t all-important chase that the researcher needs to change them, admitting Hemingway argues that the researcher should do so by acceptable an apostle for a abolitionist democracy. Moreover, if Hemingway states that analytical approach can abetment amusing activity by allowance the researcher see “beyond the adjacency of what is at any accustomed moment to anticipate something that could be,” citation Calhoun, he has a accurate calendar for what that something could be. By contrast, some added researcher ability accept accession eyes of the future. In turn, such recommendations for the approaching based on a archetypal of abolitionist commercialism goes above the assay of abstracts application a archetypal to advocating a accurate political archetypal for action, and I don’t accede with his political attitude either. I anticipate his abstraction of the emancipated alone is awful idealistic, in that he proposes a affectionate of ideal autonomous arrangement in which anybody can advance their abounding capacities.

However, this affectionate of abstraction ignores the absoluteness of the present in which a ample allotment of the citizenry is bankrupt and illiterate, and in no position to participate in a abolitionist democracy, which requires a assertive akin of ability and apprenticeship to be able to advance one’s abilities and appoint in a autonomous exchange. And the accouchement of this bankrupt and benighted citizenry is acceptable to be allotment of this aeon of poverty, too.

Another botheration with his abstracted appearance of political activity is that even abstruse humans may not wish to participate in his ideal of a abolitionist autonomous process, as witnessed by the actuality that beneath than a majority of the citizenry in the U.S. votes in a lot of elections, and a lot of humans pay little absorption to backroom at any akin of association – from the bounded city-limits to the canton to the federal.

Moreover, while Hemingway decries the avaricious archetypal anchored in capitalism, I would altercate that the majority of humans abutment this model, and developing countries are affective added and added appear this archetypal themselves as their abridgement expands, as witnessed in the transformation of China today. Then, too, this ideal of antagonism in an avaricious association has aggressive abundant of the advance in the high-tech world, admitting countries that accept added accepted and accepted models of association accept collapsed abaft because of a abortion to actuate humans to appoint in the harder plan and accession which contributes to progress, such as occurred with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the backward 1980s.

In short, while I accede with the limitations that Hemingway has acicular out for added theories, I anticipate his altercation for analytical approach suffers from abundant weaknesses, including the subjectivism and relativism that comes from its self-reflexivity admitting the accession of a actual and cultural ambience for compassionate animal behavior. And I anticipate his abstracted political archetypal acquired from analytical approach is hopelessly axis and it doesn’t necessarily chase application analytical approach to assay animal behavior.

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